Turn signal light, round, rod 100mm ( Jawa 638 )   (080482)
Turn signal light, round, rod 100mm ( Jawa 638 )  (080482)
  • Turn signal light, round, rod 100mm ( Jawa 638 )  (080482)
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Brand Sorte Type
ČZ ČZ 125,175 (476,477,487,488) ČZ 125 typ 488
ČZ ČZ 125,175 (476,477,487,488) ČZ 175 typ 487
JAWA 634 350 typ 634
JAWA 638,639 350 typ 638 TS
JAWA 638,639 350 typ 639 TS
JAWA 640 350 typ 640
Assortment without homologation, for the type of motorcycle not required, not produced at the time of manufacture.

Vehicle lighting devices are subject to mandatory homologation according to the implementing regulations of Act No. 56/2001 Coll. of 10 January 2001 on the conditions for the operation of vehicles on the road, according to which the lighting equipment must bear the approval mark, the type of light and the trade name or mark of the manufacturer. These markings are mainly located on the light cover. The number after the letter E indicates the country of approval.

The use of non-homologated or other-purpose lighting is classified as a serious defect or a dangerous defect in the technical competence of the vehicle, depending on the type of light. Dangerous failure results in loss of vehicle technical capability.
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Washer, turn signal light w/ rod ( Jawa 638 )
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